TeleMedicine Revolutionizing Pakistan’s HealthCare

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The healthcare system in Pakistan is a priority area demanding immediate attention. However, the system lacks proper infrastructure and management which result in many complications. Some of the major issues being faced by the public sector hospitals are unhygienic practices, lack of clean water, inadequate recurring expenses, and poverty associated malnutrition which mostly affect women and children.  According to different surveys conducted in Pakistan, 23% of the Pakistani women are suffering from Anaemia which explains the extremely high maternal mortality ratio of 500/100,000 live births.

What is the InstaCare Telemedicine Platform About?

Health is a most concerned sector but Unfortunately, in Pakistan, it is kept as the least priority by our Government.  To overcome this scenario and make a change in the healthcare industry of Pakistan started an initiative to serve our public community Via Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is yet an advanced but cheapest way to deliver healthcare services, such as consultations through telecommunications.

It is allowing our service providers to successfully evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using INSTACARE Technology without the need for an in-person visit taking health to a whole new platform.


E-Health takes advantage of state-of-art information and communication technologies to meet the needs of citizens, patients, and healthcare professionals. It channels the healthcare services independent of the graphical, social, spatial and cultural barriers. Thus the term fosters two important aspects, health informatics, and Telehealth.


Why We Need Telemedicine In Our HealthCare Industry?

Pakistan is a thickly populated country with its own special issues restricting the provision of good healthcare to its people. For a population of 160M, there are only 1million qualifies physicians with only eighteen thousand specialists.  The situation is further worsened by the uneven distribution of resources and most of the physician practice in urban area neglecting more than 70% of people living in rural areas.

Looking into this current health accessibility situation, We need these Telemedicine advancements in our country for our community living in the underserved and remote areas of the country to access better primary healthcare.

Key Benefits Of TeleMedicine In HealthCare

The use of the telemedicine will provide a number of key benefits; including

  • Reduced travel to reach healthcare center
  • More Convenient and Accessible Patient Care
  • Individual attention and better care
  • Access to standard health care

In a nutshell, telemedicine is transforming the healthcare sector in Pakistan making it more convenient, cost-effective and organized. Thus the practice is reshaping the health care in Pakistan especially in remote areas and during natural calamities.

A large fraction of the Pakistani population lives in a rural area with compromised healthcare. The provision of quality healthcare to these individuals is indeed a great service to humanity. E-health and telemedicine are contemporary concepts removing the barriers affecting health care.  Since health is the key factor behind the national growth and development, InstaCare Telemedicine aims in saving millions of children and women suffering from various health issues because of being weaker and provisioned.


The objective of our telehealth projects are:

  • To provide information regarding diseases and hygiene practices.
  • Expand the patient-physician circle using state-of-the-art videoconference network, providing educational and clinical services
  • To reduce the indirect cost for both patients and providers; under travel and accommodation heads
  • To provide access to expert clinical consultation and Health-Education programs otherwise impossible rural setting
  • To provide a reliable and sustainable consultancy service independent of time and access constraints
  • To ensure easy access to specialized and qualified physicians.
  • To provide cost-effective health care independent of the financial conditions.


Thus, InstaCare Telemedicine is the future of healthcare of Pakistan with an Aim of Making Best HealthCare Facilities Accessible, Affordable and Reliable for Pakistan’s Public Community.