On a mission to save over 100,000 children with Telemedicine in Pakistan

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Telemedicine in Pakistan is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. It holds the promise to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of our current healthcare system: access to care, cost-effective delivery, and distribution of limited providers. Telemedicine can change the current paradigm of care and allow for improved access and improved health outcomes in cost-effective ways.

InstaCare, A Pakistani HealthTech Startup with a vision to make healthcare accessible and reliable is among the pioneers of telemedicine in Pakistan and have successfully created a significant impact and proved the importance of telemedicine in fighting against healthcare issues in Pakistan.

InstaCare strives to save over 100,000 children with Telemedicine in Pakistan

While we all are so busy discussing politics, entertainment and what not let me share a fact that will not just shock but will slip the ground under your feet. Over 100,000 children die within one year after their birth in Pakistan every single year. This heart-wrenching fact about our country shakes our faith in humanity. The point to ponder here is the cause of the deaths of these innocent lives are mostly because of inaccessibility to affordable healthcare, nutrition, and awareness. 75% of newborn deaths are caused by preventable and treatable conditions.

Every year we lose 91,000 children because of pneumonia and over 53,000 children due to diarrhea and mostly happens because of either inaccessibility to healthcare where they can either have treatment or just get diagnosed and lack of awareness among parents about these conditions is also a challenge.

InstaCare Aims to establish 100+ TeleClinics by 2023 in the rural areas across Pakistan


While InstaCare connects patients with doctors online through a web portal and android based mobile app on the other hand InstaCare’s TeleClinics are a huge success for humanity and the startup as these clinics are established mostly in the rural areas of Pakistan where people were not having access to healthcare before but thanks to InstaCare for establishing this service for the poor population of Pakistan. The role of these clinics is very vital in fighting against the shortage of healthcare providers.

Here’s what people from multiple teleclinics have to say about this service:

Why InstaCare is the future of Telemedicine in Pakistan

  1. Reliability: Reportedly over 1000,000 fake doctors (quacks) are practicing in the country that is the major source of hepatitis and cancer as they use fake and unhygienic medical equipment. These cruel quacks are also responsible for thousands of disabled people who are suffering disability due to wrong investigations, operations, injections and medicines prescribed by these quacks.
    The story does not end here, these quacks have also been one reason behind the death of patients due to medical service or negligence.
    InstaCare’s Telemedicine will help people to get treatment only through certified and reliable medical professionals.

While telemedicine alone cannot fix all the challenges that exist today when it comes to comprehensive access to health services, it does get us one step closer. By bridging the gap between providers and patients — and removing barriers to things like location, transportation, and convenience — the industry can focus on addressing the obstacles that continue to stand in the way of achieving treatment numbers closer 100 percent.