Mood Swings

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Let’s have a quick memory recap on last few days activities and our happy, sad, excited, sacred emotions. Where at one time we were like Hi There? Let’s Plan something and go out. On The other hand, we were like No, I don’t want to talk to anyone. What are these Emotions? Are These Mood swings? Yes you are right dear! , but have we ever questioned ourselves What are Mood Swings or Mood disorder & its Causes? If not, that’s perfectly fine we are going to answer it for you.

What are Mood Swings?

These are defined as certain noticeable change in one’s emotion and mood.  We all have ups and downs in our mood on daily basis. My younger brother he is just 13 and he has so many episodes of mood swings. He would be sad, happy, overjoyed, anxious, angry etc. These emotions are hard to understand. Mood swings work as roller-coaster of emotional changes. Minor mood swings are a part of life we feel like we are on 7th sky, and then later in the same day, we feel like beaten down, tired, exhausted.

However, some people’s mood swings are mild and others are on an extreme and they interfere with daily functioning of that individual and are categorized to mood disorder. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder are a few categories of severe mood disorder.

Causes of mood Swings:

The exact causes of these emotional and mood changes are not known. Perhaps, some different studies have listed down few causes of mood disorder which are:

Hormonal Changes Role In Mood Swings:

Hormonal Changes in women are playing the role of these sudden, unexpected changes in your mood . The hormonal changes in a women body during menopause, Premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy are causing such mood ups and downs. A change in the levels of hormone especially Estrogen affects mood.

Stress Accompanies Mood Issues:

Stress is a state of constant concerns. It impacts one’s health in a variety of harmful ways and Mood falls in that health. Stress of any form which might be due to workloads, over time at work places, Study related stress effects your body. It is a state of constant frustrations and  worry which affects our mood.Due to a stressful life most of people show their emotions and aggressiveness, arrogance through behavior. Behavior of a person is the simple attribute to show his mood swings.


A state of emotional, physical, mental and psychological changes comes in every child’s life and is known as Puberty. At this instant, variety of hormonal and psychological changes are taking place in child’s body. Which directly are distressing his/her mood. Mood swings are common in this phase of life.

Intake of Caffeine:

As per our research caffeine is a chief culprit in inducing mood fluctuations. It stimulates our nervous system and misleads the brain into release of Feeling good chemicals. Caffeine can affects our mood in variety of ways.


In Pakistan summers are long and people normally get dehydrated. Dehydration whether it id of a mild state is enough to cause headaches, anxiety and mood changes. When a person gets dehydrated the blood flow to the brain decreases which vice versa affects the mood. A recent study states that dehydration make its more likely to trigger the feelings of anger, mood fluctuations and anxiety.

Psychological Factors:

As, mentioned above in few cases the mood swings get to much severity which affect their daily life. Psychological factors, disorders and a few behavioral conditions can affect mood and trigger the conditions like mood swings. Few of the disorders are Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder and many more. Getting the appropriate and timely treatment of these disorders with best psychiatrist will help in ease the symptoms of such mood rise and fall.