80 Million People Suffer From Mental Health Issues In Pakistan

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Do you know? In Pakistan, around 80 million people are suffering from mental illness either it is depression, bipolar, phobia or schizophrenia. What’s the reason behind this number?
We often neglect the symptoms we experience or our loved ones’ experiences. Mental illness needs to be treated in the early stages. Depression does not attack any particular age group. According to recent studies 15M to 20M adults are fighting with depression or other mental health issues. That is approximately 15 to 20 percent of our population.
Not only this depression haunts children too. 20M children suffer from depression.

Mental illness is the same as any other disease which affects a certain organ and makes its work less efficient. Almost 80 Million people are suffering from a mental health crisis in Pakistan. A person suffering from mental illness face many problems like Anxiety Disorders (phobias), Impulse Disorders (gambling, pyromania etc), Mood Disorders (depression, dipolar etc), Post Traumatic Stress (frightening), Psychotic Disorders (schizophrenia) and many others.


In Pakistan, the most rejected field is Mental Illness. People suffering from a mental health crisis in Pakistan include teenagers,  men, women, but the majority of sufferers of mild to moderate psychiatric illness are women. These mentally ill women have a loss of interest or pleasure, low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite. In its worst-case people commit suicide. Pakistan has one Psychiatrist for 10,000 people suffering from mental health.


According to WHO (World Health Organization), almost 800,000 people suicide every year and 79% of them are suffering from mental illness. Due to current social wretchedness, Pakistan has a higher rate of people suffering from mental illness especially depression.

                                          Mental illness is more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease

Causes Of  Mental Health Crisis In Pakistan

Around 34 percent of Pakistanis are suffering from mental illness. 35.7 percent citizens of Karachi, 43 percent from Quetta and 53.4 percent from Lahore are affected with mental illness.

Mental illness is due to certain reasons. Like in women, who have the most ratio of psychiatric problems, they often face Domestic violence as well as a restriction in equal rights, conflicts with in-laws and financial stress which mostly causes depression and anxiety in women.

Mental illness is also increasing fast due to the lack of counseling and also people in our country consider it taboo. Most people don’t want to talk about there mental condition due to the fear of being judged, that people will consider him/her a lunatic Due to this fear patients do not even concern a Psychiatrist to diagnose their problems and suffer from their disease throughout their life.


Major Issues 

  • Depression is at the top of the list of mental problems. 1338 people died by suicide in 2018 in Pakistan due to depression.
  • According to the World Health Organisation, one in four individuals suffers from mental illnesses or disorders. By 2020, depression will become one of the leading causes of death across the globe.
  • Most alarmingly, Pakistan’s rate of depression is four times higher than rates in the rest of the world.
  • After that disease, a disease named schizophrenia has the second position in the list of mental disease which affects 1.5% of Pakistan’s population


Mental illness is also curable as like any other disease. For this purpose, specialized Mental Doctors called Psychiatrist and Therapist known as Psychologists takes the patient out of mental illness by meeting sessions in which they make a trustworthy bond and encourage  patients to open up about their condition which makes a Psychiatrist understand his/her feelings his/her mental situation and help them try to forget those memories which take them to this position or make them able to handle that trauma by different exercises and practices.

Even drugs are available, but these drugs can not be used without a proper prescription this is because in mental illness the infected organ of the body is brain and any improper medication can cause this mental illness to turn into mental disorder.

Lack of Required Resources For Mental Health in Pakistan

But unfortunately, in Pakistan, we don’t have a large community of Psychiatrists and psychologists. Condition is so worse that we have only 1 Psychiatrist for 10,000 people, so we are unable to cure sufferers and this ratio is increasing day by day. That’s not the only reason for mental illness that we lack a Psychiatrist or psychologist. We also have a lack of other resources like specialized hospitals for these patients.

In Pakistan, we only have 4 hospitals for 14 million people. We really need to accept that mental illness is an actual problem that needs our attention and which demands cure otherwise these numbers will only rise. In recent years even developing countries are growing awareness and treatment around the globe but still our country fails to meet the universal standards of appropriate protection and treatment for individuals suffering from mental illness, which causes raise of bigger concern to such mental patients.

In Pakistan, our government and healthcare institutes are still ignorant about mental illness. Meanwhile, InstaCare a digital instant healthcare solution is fighting all the odds to improve access to quality mental health care through telemedicine in Pakistan. These Telemedicine sessions can help the patient to get connected with the right mental health services expert at the right time and avoid the stigma’s linked to such mental health issues in our society.

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