How to bring back the doctors who quit their professions due to social pressure

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According to research and data collected, more than 100,000 graduated doctors are not even practicing now and 80% of them are the females.

Despite having a more female population as compared to men in Pakistan the biggest reason these female quit their profession is the common perspective of society for our women that they don’t need to work outside their homes.

The question is how we can get them back in practice while they stay in their home? There’s the one-word answer to this problem and that is:


Telemedicine can not just make healthcare accessible but it can create opportunities and welcome back all those female doctors who want to work but due to society’s pressure they cant.

How telemedicine can help

Let’s see how Telemedicine can help in bringing back all the female doctors who quit their professions because of social pressure:

Since telemedicine technology does not require the physical presence of a doctor at the location of patient, therefore, it significantly increases the chance of starting practice from either home or wherever a doctor feels comfortable.

This salient feature of telemedicine can open doors of opportunities for all the female doctors who have quit the profession and together we can significantly increase the accessibility of healthcare across Pakistan.