What is depression? Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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What is Depression?

According to our research their is an insane increase in Mental Health Issues in Pakistan. We are afraid that most of our people don’t know what causes depression. We are living in a society where 99% of the total population contains some depression symptoms. So we decided to write a brief article that can tell you the actual depression meaning.

Depression Quotes

So it is also known as Major Depressive Disorder. It is a state when you are feeling sad, lose interest and suffer frequent mood swings. It mainly affects how you feel, behave, interact and think about yourself and your surroundings. These risk factor eventually leads to variety of physical and emotional problems.  People suffering from this mood swing disorder have trouble in their day-to-day activities. Even though at certain points they may feel that life is not worth at all.

First of all let us share you the few signs that if you have then you seriously needs to change yourself to get rid of this disorder.

What are depression symptoms

Signs of depression can be seen due to various causes. Most of all have numerous Episodes of Depression and there are various symptoms that occur on daily basis. Few of them are listed down:

  1. One may have feelings of hopelessness and sadness.
  2. People may undergo sleep disturbances that include insomnia or in other case sleeping too much.
  3. One may isolate him/herself.
  4. Loss of Interest in all social and normal daily activities
  5. Feeling of tiredness all day and lack of energy
  6. Angry Outbursts
  7. Anxiety
  8. Abrupt Weight loss or increased carving for food and excessive weight gain.
  9. Recurrent suicidal talks, attempts
  10. Frequent Headaches
  11. Inability to focus or concentrate on anything.

What Causes Depression

The exact causes of depression are not fully understood yet,but a variation of factors may be involved, such as

Brain Chemistry: The Chemistry of brain plays a role in cause of major depressive order. Neurotransmitters are naturally occurring chemicals in brain. According to recent studies the changes in the functionality of these chemicals and their interaction with neuro-circuits (involved in maintaining the mood swings) might affect or trigger the chances of depression in a human being.

Hormonal Imbalances: The hormonal changes in the body might be involved in triggering the risk of depression. The Cause or reason of the hormonal changes can vary from person to person. In females the hormonal changes can be a result of pregnancy or after the delivery (postpartum) and from thyroid problems, menopause and a number of other conditions.

Inherited Traits: The Foremost reason or cause of major depressive disorder in humans can be inherited traits. People having a history of depressive disorder in their families are on the higher risk of having this condition.

 Treatments Of Depression

1- Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy i a method for handling depression by talking about your condition and related issues with a mental health professional. The points that you acquire in therapy gives you skills and perception to feel better and it help in preventing the reoccurring of depressive episodes.

2- Change your Life style:

Doing some major and minor changes in your life style are the most powerful tools in treatment of depressive disorder and these changes can be as effective as drugs or medications. In Changing lifestyle you can work on your daily work as listed down:

  • Exercise: Make a retinue of going for exercise or walk on daily basis for 30 minutes as exercise uplift serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good brain chemicals and it activates the growth of new brain cells and connections, just like antidepressants do.
  • Social support: Try to interact regularly with your friends, family and peer groups. Strong social networks will help in reducing the isolation factor in you.
  • Work on your Nutritional Ingestion’s: Eat Small and well balanced meals throughout the day. They will help in to keep your energy level up and minimize your mood swings.

3- Medication Treatment For Depression:

The most commonly used methods for treating the depressive symptoms is medication. Antidepressants are a quick resource to provide relief. One should take medications prescribed by their doctor. Along with it don’t ignore the other effective methods of treatments including therapeutically techniques.