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Telemedicine In Pakistan To Improve Healthcare Access In Rural Areas

Reading Time: 6 minutes Telemedicine in Pakistan is evolving as the main component of the healthcare inaccessibility issues solution in remote areas of Pakistan. Approximately 75% of the population of Pakistan lives in rural areas while the percentage of doctors working in those areas is about 22%. The rural healthcare status is generally worse than urban healthcare. Children of

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5 Reasons Why Clinic Management Software Is Must For Clinics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gone are the days when it was a herculean task to keep patient’s records, maintaining the invoices and appointment scheduling at your clinics and hospitals. Now, Clinic Management Software has improved a lot and proven to be the lifesavers for many people and in Pakistan, it is digitalizing  Clinical workflows and Patient’s EMR’s. Time is

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6 Ways How TeleHealth Benefits The Patients

Reading Time: 5 minutes What Is TeleHealth? TeleHealth is the fastest growing technology in healthcare it allows professionals to estimate, diagnose and treat patients using modern technology. It means distance is no issue when it comes to a patient getting help. It connects the patient and the best doctors remotely through video conferences. Telehealth is, indeed, the future of

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7 Points To Choose Best EMR Software

Reading Time: 6 minutes     EMR (Electronic Media Record) is a critical component of modern patient care and medical record-keeping, but their adoption has been sluggish and difficult for many in the healthcare industry.   EMRs influence every aspect of healthcare, but there are many things to consider when selecting an EMR software. Naturally, the cost, ease of

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Breastfeeding Is A Health Outcome For the Mother And Infant.

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year’s World Breastfeeding Week slogan is “Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding” The #WBW2019 slogan was chosen to be inclusive of all types of parents in today’s world. It focused on empowering both parents, and to support them in order to realize their breastfeeding goals.   The world breastfeeding week is organized every year by the

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Empowering Women in Pakistan by providing access to Telemedicine Healthcare Services.

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Our Government is neglecting the HealthCare Need in Pakistan. Pakistan’s healthcare structure places it close to the bottom of the rankings in the Human Development Index, with a 1 to 1200 doctor-patient ratio. Women are the one who needs good health but in particular, they often lack vital care. According to the different researches,

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On a mission to save over 100,000 children with Telemedicine in Pakistan

Reading Time: 4 minutes Telemedicine in Pakistan is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. It holds the promise to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of our current healthcare system: access to care, cost-effective delivery, and distribution of limited providers. Telemedicine can change the current paradigm of care and allow for improved access

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Dr Aamir Mustafa: Taking Homeopathy to next level

Reading Time: 2 minutes InstaCare has always been among the leading clinic software in Pakistan. Our mission to empower doctors in Pakistan with comprehensive, advanced and innovative doctor software and practice management software that can help doctors in providing best patient experience and clinic management to increase productivity and efficiency of the practice. InstaCare is pleased to share one of

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Dr Ibad Shahid- Dental Surgeon in Lahore

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr. Ibad Shahid is a famous dental surgeon in Lahore and is among very few dental professionals who are properly using dentist software for boosting their practices. In Our Nation, Very few dentist really cares about their patient management and patient experience however Pakistani Dentist are transforming the healthcare ecosystem with their contributions in technology.

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5 Best Stress Management Techniques

Reading Time: 6 minutes What Is Stress? A Simplest Stress Definition: Stress is a constant feeling of worry and pressure in responding to any kind of demand or threat. It is linked to anxiety to some extent. Stress is felt when we are worried about anything like, getting laid off our job, or worried about having not enough money

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