Bipolar Disorder : Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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We all go through ups and down in our life, but with some serious mental disorder these high and low state of mood become severe. Bipolar is one of that severe disorder along with Anxiety and Depression in Pakistan. Approximately 2.4 % of the total global population is suffering from Bipolar Disorder. It reveals by letting the person experience extreme Ups and Downs in mood cycles. Bipolar Symptoms can hurt your performances at job, school, and daily home tasks. It tends to worsen without treatment.It’s essential to understand exactly what is a bipolar disorder? Bipolar Symptoms, Bipolar disorder causes and bipolar disorder Treatment.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar condition also known as Manic Depression is a state of changes in one’s mood, behavior and energy levels. One can suffer from the peaks of mania at one time, to the lows of depression at other. These are not temporary mood swings of good and bad mood. Unlike, other mood swings,these peaks and valleys of mood affect your activities.  Phases of such condition can last for days, weeks and even months.

While, in a manic state, you feel relaxed and rested even after sleeping for a shorter period of time. Whereas, in a depressive state, you feel too tired to get up and perform some tasks.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms:


Bipolar Symptoms are a bit confusing. This condition present itself differently in all the stages. So, the symptoms might vary from each other. Commonly, we have four various form of mood forms in Bipolar Person: Mania, Depression, Mixed episodes and hypo mania.

Bipolar Depression Symptoms:

Bipolar Depression was a state linked with regular depression. But, recent studies have categorized bipolar depression as separate branch due to symptoms and treatments.

  1. One Feels Sad and Hopeless.
  2. Tiredness and Loss of Energy
  3. Loss of interest in activities.
  4. Loss of appetite— (In some cases weight gain)
  5. Insomnia or excessive sleep
  6. Isolation
  7. Negative Thoughts of death.
  8. Irritability
  9. Feeling of Guilt
  10. Restlessness

     Manic Phase Symptoms:

  1. High energy levels
  2. High Self-esteem
  3. Reduced desire of sleep
  4. Increase in social activities and interactions
  5. Unable to concentrate
  6. Delusions and hallucinations
  7. Unrealistic Beliefs
  8. Acting Recklessly—- example Inappropriate business investments
  9. Talking rapidly

Bipolar Disorder Cause

The real and exact bipolar disorder cause is not understood yet. Bipolar doesn’t have one single issue associate to it. It might be genetic thing, chemical changes in brain. Other environmental and psychological factors such as stress, insomnia can also trigger this mental state.A few of such Triggers are:

Stress and It’s Effect:

Life events that are stressful can trigger bipolar mental condition in a person. Such events list down the most harsh and unexpected changes in one life –either bad or good. Such as, losing a business, losing a loved one, leaving home for attending a college etc.


Skipping your sleep can affect your body and mental health.  Moreover, Loss of your sleep as little as few hours can prompt the episode of mania in you.

Change of a season

We all are sensitive to seasonal changes. So, our activities changes with such changes. People with bipolar disorder suffer the most with this change. The chapters of mania and bipolar depression are a result of seasonal changes. These environmental changes affect the feelings, actions and behaviors of a bipolar person. Manic episode is more common during summer, and bipolar depression episode is more common during the winter season.


Bipolar Disorder Treatment:

Not treating a bipolar disorder can lead to various problem effecting your job, business relationships and even your health. So, it is compulsory to understand the possible bipolar disorder treatments.


It is a key part in treatment of this condition and to stable the sever mood fluctuations. The most commonly prescribed medicine include:

  • Antidepressants- for treating the bipolar depression state.
  • Mood stabilizers—for treating manic and hypo-manic states.

Taking these medications will help you in stabilizing the peaks and valleys of mood swings.

2-Psychological Treatments

Psychological treatments are essential and very helpful in treating such conditions.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy also known as counselling is a therapy in which therapist and you have a talk. Therapist makes you learn about how to handle and cope with stress, painful feelings and importantly how to control your mood.

CBT( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy): You learn to  handle your negative behaviors and thoughts.

Family Therapy: It is a therapy that educates your family. Therapist encourages everyone in your family to help you Out. In managing stress and improving mental health.

3-Stress management

Try to avoid stressful conditions. Effort to maintain a healthy life style. Do practice some simple relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga etc.

4-Life style Management

Be careful while regulating your daily life style. It can keep your mood swings and symptoms controlled. Maintain a regular sleep routine, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks. Go for a morning walk and eat a healthy diet.

So, If you or your loved ones are suffering from Bipolar Disorder Symptoms, do get a consultation with best Psychiatrists in Pakistan.