Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

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What is Anxiety?

Are you the one who is incapable to keep himself/herself quiet and stable. When it comes to attend an event you fear or your hands start to shiver and you experience the feeling of fear and panic attacks quite often.Is it considered as lack of confidence or you are suffering from anxiety. But, how we define term anxiety? Anxiety is a normal and often strong emotion. On the other hand, when a person is having such echoing episodes of panic attacks and feelings of unbalanced levels of concern, it might lead towards a medical disorder. People suffering with this disorder tend to have excessive feelings of worry, fear, nervousness and apprehension which also can lead to Depression.

How To Understand It In Our Society

As, Pakistanis have set high standards of living and our culture is growing towards brand and status conscious era. These crazy changes in our culture are making our youth mentally disturbed. So, a person living in a middle class family have indulged himself into social anxiety. Negative thoughts about their personality start to pop up in their minds. Beliefs of being judged, evaluated and queried about their personality. Likewise, according to a recent study in Karachi stated that 50.2% of the respondents reported anxiety.  Mostly, respondents that were effected from it were those who had set high standards of living.

Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

Nervousness can lead to many physical and emotional symptoms that we need to learn and figure out them along with the causes of anxiety. So, we can move on towards the treatment of such medical disorder. Few the most common symptoms seen among the Pakistani population are as following:

  • Nervousness, Panic Attacks frequently
  • Feeling of restless and worried most of the time.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Sweating and trembling
  • Sleeping problem( Insomnia or Most of time fall asleep)
  • Hopelessness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in concentrating on tasks
  • Irrational fears
  • Muscle tension, aches.

Here’s a brief list published by USA’s Mental Health Aid about most common anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety Symptoms List

One Should learn about the symptoms and the methods to manage anxiety.That will be helpful for themselves and people surrounding them.

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