5 Common Lower Back Pain Causes

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Have you ever heard a young person complain about lower back pain? Can you recall any response to this complaint of back pain? You are thinking right! The common reaction to this severe lower back pain in young people is how can even this be possible? Even though lower back pain is associated with older people a young adult might experience lower back pain due to various reasons. Here are a few Lower back pain causes.


5 Common Lower Back Pain Causes


Professional downside:

The professional requirement of a job such as lifting or carrying heavy objects can cause twisting of the spine leading to severe back pain. If your job does not involve movement you might wonder how can this contribute to it. It still can. Staring at a screen for long hours in an uncomfortable position or chair can also cause severe back pain or even workplace stress can also be a cause of lower back pain.

Physical Exercises Session:

Most people are inconsistent with attending the gym, playing an outdoor sport or doing a workout. Insane hours of excessive physical exercises after a long span of inactivity can force your back to severe pain. Being too ambitious about losing the last two pounds and overdoing the workout routine can stretch muscle at your back causing this.

Backpacks or Handbags:

The upper body of a human is supported by the lower back. This means any load carried over your upper back or shoulder is supported by the lower back. Carrying overstuffed backpacks daily can cause soreness or stiffness.


The position in which holds your body while standing or sitting every day plays an important role. Your posture does not only affect your outlook but can also lead to muscle spasms if not right. The back of a human body supports its weight and it can only be balanced by the right posture.

Lumbar Herniated Disc:

A herniated disk refers to a problem with one of the rubbery disks between the vertebrae that stack up to form the spine. These disks are at risk of damage due to injuries or aging. If a disc herniates it triggers severe back pain. It causes commonly and known as Sciatica.

This is experienced by almost every adult at some point in their lifetime. This could be chronic if it lasts more than three months. This could be eased by heating pads or warm baths. The in-house treatment recommended to cure the lower back pain includes massage therapy, yoga, exercises and stretching. This increases blood flow to the lower area, which may reduce stiffness and speed up the healing process. For chronic, it is recommended to see a doctor and follow prescribed medications. Lower back pain can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.


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